River Severn fish we've seen through our underwater viewing window

We’ve seen some amazing sights through our underwater viewing window at Diglis Fish Pass. So far our scientific monitoring cameras have recorded more than 25 species of fish (and one semi-aquatic mammal!) using the fish pass. Scroll down to look through our window yourself, and take a look at each of the River Severn fish species we have spotted to date!

Twaite shad,

Our champion fish species – the fish our passes were designed with in mind. The first recorded twaite shad through Diglis Fish Pass was on 9th May 2021. Since then we have seen lots of shad speeding past the window.

Did you know shad can swim as fast as 5 meters per second?!

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Barbel are so named because of the features around their mouths. The name barbel comes from the Latin ‘barbula’ which means Little Beard. Read some more facts about this species HERE.



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River Lamprey,

Did you know, lampreys are the world’s oldest living vertebrate? Find out more about them in our ‘Focus On… Lampreys’ blog HERE.

Sea Lamprey,

Perhaps the most notable difference between river and sea lamprey is their size. Find out more about what makes them different HERE.


A striking fish with dark stripes and multi-spined dorsal fin, perch are always an exciting fish to see through the fish window. Find out more about perch HERE.


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Roach are easily identified through our viewing window by their orangey-red fins. Read more about this Severn species HERE.




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Grayling was the 24th species spotted swimming through Diglis fish pass.


As well as fish, our monitoring cameras caught this amazing footage of an otter in the fish pass. It’s not just the fish who are making use of the easy way round the weir!

Other species we have recorded to date,

Allis shad





Rainbow trout


Stone loach

Three-spined stickleback


Take a look at more footage and videos from Diglis Fish Window on our YouTube channel,

This is one of the videos we’ve created for our Diglis Fish Window playlist. You can view more of our fish vids on our YouTube channel here.

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