Fish of the Severn

Click the photos below to find out more about the fish species of the River Severn

Written by Peter Savage, with help from Charles Crundwell and John Ellis


Barbus barbus

A barbel swimming in dark water

Common Bleak,

Alburnus alburnus

A bleak swimming near some rotten wood

Common Bream,

Abramis brama

A common bream missing some scales

Common Carp,

Cyprinus cario

Common carp resting on pebbles


European Chub,

Squalius cephalus

A golden chub swimming near the riverbed


Leuciscus leuciscus

A silver dace swimming through green weed

European Eel,

Anguilla anguilla

An eel wriggling in very shallow water


Thymallus thymallus

A shiny grayling in a shallow river


Petromyzon marinus & Lampetra fluviatilis

A river lamprey sucking a rock

European Perch,

Perca fluviatilis

A school of Perch in turquoise water

Eurasian Pike,

Esox lucius

Two pike swimming in front of rocks


Rutilus rutilus

roach fish swimming through weed

Atlantic Salmon,

Salmo salar

An Atlantic salmon in a fast flowing stream

Twaite Shad,

Alosa fallax

shad swimming along the river bed

Brown Trout,

Salmo trutta

A brown trout lurking in weed

Photography Credits,

Jack Perks

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