Perca fluviatilis 

Perch, courtesy of Jack Perks


This beautiful fish is easy to distinguish. It has a green appearance with dark elongated triangular markings running vertically along its back. It has orangey/red pelvic, anal and tail fins with a very striking, multi-spined dorsal fin. These fish are usually small in size, but can grow to lengths of about 40cms.  


Perch have evolved to hunt midwater amongst vegetation. With their excellent camouflage and agile physique these fish ambush invertebrates and small fish that swim nearby. Perch are regularly caught by anglers that use maggot or worm as bait. Larger perch can be tempted by small fishing lures and spinners. They regularly hunt in the vicinity of larger pike, therefore perch can end up as the food of these much larger predators. 


Perch are a common and widespread species found in most rivers and canals. In the River Severn they are found in most areas except fast flowing stretches, where they can still be located in slower moving pools and margins.  


Did you know?

Perch lay strings or ribbons of eggs very much like toads. Along with gudgeon, perch are often the first fish young anglers catch. 

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