Severn Way Walk from Sea to Source

Our team effort to walk the River Severn from sea to source

Welcome to our team walk of the Severn Way from sea to source.

The Unlocking the Severn team and partners are undertaking a 206 mile collaborative walk from the estuary of the River Severn up to it’s source. The walk has been divided into 20 sections that will be completed in order from Sea to Source, so that we will follow the migration route of the Shad. The team members will be completing their legs independently and will be maintaining all necessary COVID guidelines throughout. Keep an eye on this page to get updates as each leg of the walk is completed!


Leg 3 – Bridge House, Purton to Old Passage Inn, Arlingham

Big thanks to Alex, Unlocking the Severn Senior Project Manager, for completing the third leg of our Severn Way walk!

Alex had a few words from her walk –

‘This walk along the Severn Way is mainly along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.  The walk is relatively straightforward along generally straight lengths of ship canal, occasionally punctuated by swing bridges.   Our walk was busier than expected, but it is a Bank Holiday weekend, and most bridges were operating to allow boats to pass.  There were fisherman on the canal edge, lots of people in rowing boats, kayaks etc, as well as the bigger barges and narrowboats, plus hundreds of people walking.  We spotted the Slimbridge observation tower early in our walk, and shortly after that had sight of the Severn from a distance, with the familiar shape of May Hill on the hazy horizon.  The weather and walking conditions changed (less conducive) as we left the G&S at Fretherne bridge and headed west to join the river.  The walk was much quieter along this section to Arlingham, but the views were more dramatic.

You can see Alex’s photos below!

Leg 2  – Olbury Power Station to Bridge House, Purton

Big thanks to Rosie, the Unlocking the Severn Education Officer, for completing the second leg of our Severn Way walk!

Rosie had a few words from her walk –

‘I was blessed with wonderful weather for my walk, and I had the sun all day. The route was relatively quiet, with only a few fellow walkers passing me but I did enjoy the mix of wildlife. Walking a stretch so close to the estuary meant that I saw species of birds that I do not see further upstream, where I live. The route mainly followed the river, with a short detour around Sharpness. I treated myself to an ice-cold orange and lemonade with 2 miles to go, and finished the walk with a trip to the Purton Ship’s Graveyard.’

You can see Rosie’s sunny photos below!


Leg 1  – Severn Bridge to Olbury Power Station


Big thanks to Charles our project shad expert and Senior Technical Fish Specialist at the Environment Agency, for starting the walk off!

Here are some photos of Leg 1 in the beautiful sunshine.



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