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Did you know the River Severn is the UK’s longest river?

Starting as brook flowing from an upland peat bog at Plinlimon in the Cambrian mountains, it runs a course 220 miles from Powys in Wales into England and winding across Shropshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire to the wide Severn Estuary and finally out to sea at the Bristol Channel.

From source to sea, the Severn carves through a huge variety of dramatic landscapes, with a wealth of historic towns and places of interest along the way. From walking and cycling; to boating on the river; or visiting historic cathedrals, bustling towns or wildlife havens: you’ll never be short of something to see or do along the River Severn.

Whatever attractions and activities you choose, don’t forget to simply pause and enjoy a quiet moment, and reflect on all the hidden stories and amazing wildlife, flowing right past you.

The River Severn has been both a highway to connect people & their goods, and a barrier to defend them. It is a place to enjoy peace and tranquility in nature, and also to reflect on its impact, shaping landscapes and livelihoods.

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