This year World Fish Migration Day is on Saturday 21st May, and we’d love everyone to celebrate with us! World Fish Migration Day is an international celebration of opening up rivers and recovering migratory fish populations. Every 2 years this international event connects hundreds of thousands of people around the world with the same interest: protecting rivers and fish.

Create a Fish Window this May!

This year, new fish passes have unlocked the River Severn for the May Fish Migration – for the first time in nearly 180 years!

Our Diglis fish pass includes this a unique underwater fish-viewing window. So on this historic year, we’re asking you to show your support by displaying your own fish window at home, school or office!

Use the shad shapes provided to create your display. You can colour in the fish if you like, or use as a template to cut out the shape of shad from newspaper and old magazines. How creative can you be?!


We used a single piece of sticky tape to stick each fish to the window.  Some tape might perhaps leave more residue that others, but for us the Sellotape brand worked fine.

Then share your displays with us ready for World Fish Migration Day on Saturday 21 May. Use #MayFishWindow to share with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and make sure to tag us @SevernUnlocked so we can see your fish window displays!

Download the May Fish shape template here: Fish Window template

Download a flyer to help us spread the word: Show your support with a May Fish Window






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