Leg eight of our 206 mile collaborative walk from the estuary of the River Severn up to it’s source has been completed!

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Leg 8 – Worcester Riding School, Clifton to Bevere Lock Cottage

Well done to Jennie, our Comms and Marketing Office, for completing the 8th stretch of the team’s Severn Way walk.

Jennie had a few words from her walk –

‘It was a super-hot day when I took my 2 sons to walk Leg 8 of the Severn Way upriver from Clifton.  There were some big lakes on the way to the river path.  The largest was not marked on our old OS map.  We wondered if they were part of a new flood allievement scheme?  The backdrop of the Malvern Hills was very dramatic and we enjoyed seeing Oyster Catchers on the lake!  For much of this part of the walk unfortunately our view of the river was obscured by great swathes of nettles.  And the footpath was very overgrown in places.  It did highlight some of the challenges there can be with engaging local people with their river – even if you walk along it, on this section, you can’t necessarily see the river, or its wildlife.  It must be a very different story in winter, without nettles and tall grass.  Although, the path would be more liable to flooding in the winter!  However, we did get to see the May Fly dancing!

When we reached the bypass just outside of Worcester, we had to cut our leg short as the footpath is closed here whilst the roadways team is working on steep embankments under the new bridge.  In retrospect, it seems obvious that the path would be closed at this point, but it wasn’t noted on https://www.ldwa.org.uk/ldp/members/show_path.php?path_name=Severn+Way so do be aware there is an issue until the ongoing bypass works at Worcester are completed – especially as there isn’t an effective local diversion (that wouldn’t take you miles away from the river).  We will pick up the second part of the walkthrough Worcester, another time!’

See the photos below!


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