Leg four of our 206 mile collaborative walk from the estuary of the River Severn up to it’s source has been completed!

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Leg 4  – Old Passage Inn, Arlingham to Back Lane, Elmore

Big thanks to Pete, Unlocking the Severn Waterways Environment Apprentice, for completing the fourth leg of our Severn Way walk!

Pete had a few words from his walk –

‘The river at the start was about 300/400m wide. We began by following a series of fields with the river estuary like in appearance. The wildlife here was fantastic as we spotted skylarks, goldfinches, Canadian geese, a stoat or weasel (only saw a quick flash of it), wildflower meadows and two hares. About two miles in there was a sand cliff alongside the river opposite to us. This is where I watched sand martins feeding just above the ground over the path and all around us. Shortly after this we could hear loud engines in the distance. As we got closer we realized they were motocross motorbikes at Milton End Farm. We could hear them from at least 1.5 miles away. The landscape throughout the walk was very flat, a bit like being back in Norfolk! We could see some of the hills of the Cotswolds on our right, with views of the large Gloucester Energy from Waste Facility mostly visible in the distance. Around the area of Pridings the walk came to woodland, where we saw a roe deer stag. The walk then took us onto the road through the village of Framilode. We saw some beautiful wildflowers and orchards near the area of Hill Farm near Farleys End. Unfortunately there were some styles here that Marley couldn’t get through or over, so we were forced back and took a different route which meant walking along a busy road.’

You can see Pete’s photos below!


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