The Severn Series is a collection of online webinars exploring the life beneath the surface of the UK’s longest river.


Unlocking the Severn for People and Wildlife 

In this virtual talk we share how Unlocking the Severn, a once-in-a-lifetime conservation and river engagement project, is using modern engineering to reopen the UK’s longest river for shad and other endangered species, how we are connecting communities with their river and how you can be involved.


Discover the Fish of the Severn 

In this virtual talk we provide an introduction to the fish within the River Severn. This talk is suitable for people with little or no knowledge about the fish in our river, from the upper reaches of the river in Wales, all the way down to the estuary that flows into the Bristol Channel 200 miles downstream. Learn about the range of fascinating species and their role in the river ecosystem, with amazing adaptations.

**Due to technical issues the recording from the Severn Series was unsuccessful, this video is of the same talk provided to volunteers and as such does not have the Q&A session at the end**


What is a Fish Pass and what are the challenges of building them?

In this talk we explain what a fish pass is for and share some of the challenges that our project, Unlocking the Severn, has faced in building these complex structures in an unpredictable environment alongside the river. Project Engineer Richard Leigh, shares his expertise and experiences, and gives a unique insight into the design, build and function of these impressive structures.


What can Riverflies tell us about the Health of Rivers?

In this talk we delve into the wonderful world of Riverflies. Unlocking the Severn Volunteer Officer Rachel explains what Riverfly are, how to identify them and how they can be used to monitor the health of our rivers.


Hidden Journeys within our Rivers

In this virtual talk we share how Unlocking the Severn, a once-in-a-lifetime conservation and river engagement project, is researching fish migration in the UK’s longest river, the webinar goes into the biology behind migration and the challenges that migratory fish face on their journeys.


Why do we need Healthy Rivers?

In this webinar we are joined by representatives from Unlocking the Severn project partners, Canal & River Trust and Severn Rivers Trust, to discuss river health. Our panellists provide perspectives on a range of topics, including why we need healthy rivers and the different ways in which river health is impacted by human action. They also share information about some of the vital conservation work being undertaken on and around the River Severn and ways in which we can all individually make a positive difference.


How is Citizen Science Unlocking the River Severn?

This seventh and final talk in our Severn Series gives an introduction to citizen science and how we are using it to learn about rare and endangered fish in the River Severn. Unlocking the Severn Volunteer Officer Rachel provides an insight into the use of citizen science as a conservation tool, sharing success stories from the River Severn and around the UK. We also share details on how you can become a citizen scientist (wherever you live!) and contribute to our research!


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