view of the hive

The Hive is a joint public and university library in Worcester.

The name ‘The Hive’ was chosen to represent the purposeful activity, and sense of community which the development will help to create. It is also a reflection of the building’s appearance, with its bold, distinctive golden ‘honeycomb’ cladding, which will mark it out as a physical as well as a cultural landmark for Worcester.

The Hive is one of the hub partners for Unlocking the Severn, as well as hosting our focal river-themed exhibition in summer 2020, it also hosts a number of smaller pop-up events for our project throughout the year, particularly family-friendly events in school half-terms and holidays.

With over a quarter of a million books and a superb collection of online e-resources, The Hive offers a unique combination of public and university resources available to all. It brings together books, documents, the County’s archive and archaeology service, digital technology, a business centre, meeting rooms, study areas, a cafe, and one of the country’s largest children’s libraries all within an incredibly striking and sustainable building.

The Hive has a reputation for hosting exciting events. Throughout the year The Hive has a regular calendar of activities for all, including: breast feeding classes, art exhibitions, the Summer Reading Challenge, language and computer cafés, adult learning, explore the past sessions, business events, the sustainability trail, puppet shows, and other travelling plays.


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