Leg eleven of our 206 mile collaborative walk from the estuary of the River Severn up to it’s source has been completed!

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Leg 11 – Severn Valley Country Park to Bridgnorth Golf Club

Well done to Jason, our Programme Director, for completing the 11th stretch of the team’s Severn Way walk.

Jason had a few words from his walk –

‘A path less walked! Parking at Severn Valley Country park we got the chance to see our amazing play equipment installed 18 months ago.  It looks well used and our bow hauler still looks grumpy! The weather was overcast and muggy, and the land was damp after some heavy rain.  For the first few miles, the path was well-trodden, the river wide with a series of riffles and pools.  Ideal shad spawning habitat.  Anglers were making the most of the riverbank with probably over 100 dotted over the first few miles. We spotted a few small islands in the channel, which we weren’t expecting so far down the river.  A bit further along we heard the chatter of voices, canoeists paddling downstream, clearly having lots of fun. At this point the path pretty much disappeared, the trail replaced with chest-high wet grass. Needless to say, we were soaked after only short few meters! This was soon replaced by a potato field, the path now between waist-high grass and a potato furrow!

Thankfully the trail returned as a second path joined and we headed to the outskirts of Bridgenorth.  Paths of invasive Japanese knotweed were a big feature leading to the town bridge.  The town was a welcome site where we had ice cream and a bit of time to dry out!’

You can see photos below!


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