As teachers and parents are now having to provide education for their children in a different way, we have been working hard to develop a set of online learning resources from Unlocking the Severn. We are pleased to announce these are now available for download from our website.

The Unlocking the Severn education packs are designed to introduce learners to the world of water and rivers. From the wonderful water cycle to river friendly farming, engineering a fish pass to designing your own river! All are jam packed with engaging activities and dotted with fun facts to keep children engaged. Our packs offer opportunities for pencil and paper activities, plus lots of scope for creativity and imagination. They are designed for flexible use, print them if you can, but if not have some pencils and paper to hand!

All activities are designed with the national curriculum in mind, and details on these links can be found in the accompanying teacher/parent notes. These notes also contain ideas for extra activities and discussion to encourage further learning. We recommend that parents read these before starting the activity pack so that they are best placed to support and extend the learning experience.

We hope that these resources provide some opportunities for fun and learning at home and in the garden!



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