swan gliding on the river in low light

Lucy, our Informal Learning & Interpretation Officer, shared some beautiful words describing her early morning encounter with the swans at Diglis Island.

“It’s still dark when I leave the house this January morning and start the car journey north. I live three miles east of the tidal Severn – the ‘big skies small person’ part. Not far from here I join a parallel course, but straighter and humming with cars.
As I journey on, the dark lifts and the blueness of dawn deepens then starts to fade. It’s almost light as I arrive and meet colleagues. But not quite.

At our island base the white of mute swans stands out and the moon still shines in the sky. There’s a swan sanctuary in Worcester I learn, which explains the numbers, but I’ve never seen so many here before. Three birds fly past – to me in slow motion – together but just differing in heights. Their long necks outstretched, their honking calling and then lower, one by one, slowly river-crashing…
..The water gently stills as we cross the locks but behind the island the deep Severn glides.”

If the River Severn inspires you to prose or poetry, and you’d be happy to share some words with us, we’d love you to hear from you!

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash


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