Lincomb Fish Pass

Find out all about Lincomb fish pass. This is the final Unlocking the Severn fish pass that shad navigate through on their journeys upstream.

Lincomb Fish Pass – Facts & Figures

Lincomb Fish Pass is the project’s most northerly fish pass. As a result it is the final fish pass out of the 4 that shad can pass through on their way upstream. From here, fish can now swim freely up river to the gravel beds that are ideal for spawning. Lincomb Fish Pass is located at the weir just downstream of Stourport-on-Severn.

Like the fish passes at Diglis and Holt, Lincomb is a deep vertical slot fish pass. It is formed of a series of 11 ascending pools. Deep vertical slot fish passes like Lincomb work well in the wide range of flow conditions experienced on the River Severn. They are suitable for a range of fish species with slightly different needs and preferences for how they swim through a pass.

Construction began in March 2020 and works were completed in June 2021, just over 1 month after Diglis Fish Pass was completed.

A River Unlocked

Following the 2022 Shad Run – the migration of the endangered twaite shad fish up the River Severn – our scientific monitoring results proved that shad had once more reclaimed their historic spawning habitats.

eDNA results collected in Stourport proved that shad had navigated this final fish pass during the 2022 migration season. The project is thrilled to be able to report such a success in the first year that all 4 fish passes were open to the river. After a gap of nearly 180 years, it is very exciting to have evidence of these fish journeying to key spawning habitats once more.

Celebrating the completion of Lincomb Fish Pass


In this short film, project manager for Keir, Stacey Corcoran, shares her experiences on this exciting project. She reflects upon the challenges of building a fish pass in a pandemic, the excitement and pride from her team when the pass was completed, and tells a delightful anecdote about an eager shoal of fish!

How does the fish pass provide a route for fish?


This animation was created using computer generated imagery of the deep vertical slot fish pass alongside Lincomb Weir on the River Severn just south of Stourport. The short film explains how this fish pass works and how fish, including the endangered twaite shad use the fish pass to find a route past the weir and return to their historic spawning grounds.

Images: Skynique

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